Zodiacs Who Aren’t As Confident As They Seem

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Leos are egotistical. They seek attention from anyone. The "look at me, look at me" swagger is not due to killer confidence.


Their poor self-esteem manifests in their dependence on others.

Leos aren't hesitant to seek attention to boost their self-esteem, unlike certain zodiac signs.

Virgos take care in their work—those to-do lists aren't for show. Doing tasks boosts them.


Their self-confidence generally lags behind their ability confidence.

Scorpios are notoriously secretive, but they nonetheless exude confidence.


They inspire many. Scorpios rule style and sass. They appear invincible. Sadly, those vibes are fake.

Pisces are emotive. They feel everything—theirs and others'. Pisces is more private than Cancer.


Due to self-doubt, they prefer to focus on others. They change the subject whenever their insecurities come up.

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