Zodiacs Who Can't Learn From Love

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You are not the mother of your partner. You cannot continue to give without receiving something in return.

Cancers have a heart with a love as deep as the ocean, which can occasionally burn them.

People may conflate providing care for someone with being a carer, which is untenable.

You cannot invest all of your resources in someone. You must discover your limitations in love in order to save your sensitive heart.


An Aries's passion can become poison. These fire signs desire to the point of fault blazing intensity in all of their romantic interactions.

They are notorious for having short attention spans for anything other than roller coasters.

If they are not excited every time you are together, they consider it a waste of time.


Romanticizing the positive, negative, and ugly. Libras get lost in the romantic aspects of a relationship when things are going well.

They have a tendency to focus on the positive and will turn anything "negative" into something required by the "theatre" of being in love.


Sagittarius individuals are typically one of the most daring signs, which may lead to some of the most enjoyable relationships.

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