Zodiacs Who Date Too Soon After Break Up

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Aries plays life, including love, to win. They want to outpace their former and "win" the split.

Aries avoid heartbreak as a personal defeat. They quickly download dating apps and go out more.

Aries after the divorce feels like a child who lost their favourite toy at the playground. They'll search for a new one, though.


Gemini doesn't want to dwell on heartbreak. They have trouble managing their emotions, therefore they can't be honest with themselves.

This sign won't let them recover because it would require facing their fears.

Instead, Gemini will think something interesting or new will "snap them out of it." They want to prove themselves still capable.


Leo dates quickly after a breakup to regain confidence and humiliate their ex. Breakups hurt Leo's ego like Aries'.

They bounce back for validation. Heartbreak topples them. The Lion appears pompous because they disguise their insecurity.

Leo will announce their breakup and "going on path." They'll post about hookups and dating apps.


Libra has trouble adjusting to solitude. This sign appreciates harmony, therefore a breakup upends their world.

They are confident but self-identify in relationships. They mourn their partner and their identity.

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