Zodiacs Who Desperately Need A Vacation

Work hard. You're competitive. It's not like you don't try to have fun, but it's been a little stagnant recently.


The weather or post-holiday melancholy may be to blame. You may have more hangout energy than your friends.

It's exhausting sometimes. You're often alone with your emotions. Tiresome. This week, you're exhausted and could use a break.


Your vacation is more about having a great spring break than recovering. 


It's almost summer, and you want to take a road trip with your pals as in a movie. 

You like to act like you need nothing. We know it's not. After a while, you're human. You may have neglected to use your vacation time.


Scorpio, has it caught up to you? Consider this as a hint from the universe to finally do something other than work or remain home.

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