Zodiacs Who Don’t Know Their Worth

You are constantly busy caring for others since their happiness is more important to you than your own.


Yet, you must realise that your needs are as important.

You shouldn't neglect your desires because you're more concerned with the happiness of those around you.

You are the first to notify your friends and family of their dues. You constantly emphasise the need of spreading love and kindness.


In addition, you are constantly pushing others to pursue their aspirations.

You settle for conditions that are beneath you because you're frightened of rejection and overstepping your bounds.

You're a perfectionist. You are desperate to achieve success, but you never stop to enjoy your small victories.


You are constantly seeking improvement. Your best is never sufficient.

To feel worthwhile, you do not need your friends, lover, or parents to tell you that you are valuable.


You should not seek validation from outside of yourself. You must practice loving yourself.

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