Zodiacs Who Want To Know Your Real Intentions

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These signals require to know your intentions before offering you their heart:


Most Virgos treat relationships like business. They don't waste their time on those who desire different things.

This sign is great at communicating, so they have no trouble sitting down and asking someone about their objectives and expectations.


They don't want drama, so if you offer inconsistent signals and are ambivalent, they'll lose interest.

Your aims demonstrate your maturity by allowing you to articulate your sentiments.


Leos desire a partner that is passionate, committed, and entirely interested in them.

They won't settle for a half-hearted person who wants to play the field. Leos desire exclusivity.


When it comes to their relationships, Taureans hate surprises.

They want to avoid developing feelings for someone who is only in their lives temporarily.

For this sign to trust you, you must first reveal your motivations. A connection cannot exist if trust is lacking.

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